Altered Ego

erotic massage therapy and services 

for women, by women



At Altered Ego we focus on the one thing that makes us really, really enjoy being a woman... The core of our relationship or marriage...

Our sexuality!

Every day stresses impact our sex drives more than we care to admit. 

Intimacy becomes boring and routine... And some of us just don't enjoy it anymore.

At Altered Ego, we know this..

At Altered Ego you are free to let your hair down... all the way! 

And what better way to do so than in a very safe and private venue with another women.

Altered Ego Therapy and Services are only available to women, NO MALES ON THE PREMISES AT ANY TIME  (This includes husbands and boyfriends).

Visit Altered Ego and explore your sexuality. 

Learn how to intensify/prolong your orgasms.

Release sexual tension.

Experience the arousal and sensuality of an erotic massage.

Being a women, has never been this beautiful.

Visit us at Altered Ego and let your inner self experience, shiver, release and enjoy what true, raw and unfiltered sensuality is all about!

Come and really embrace what your body is meant to do!

It's Beautiful!


Oh, what's waiting inside...

  • To release tension and general stress

    1,500 South African rand
  • Natural stimulation of the vagina through massage.

    1,250 South African rand
  • Your Intimate, romantic and sensual side

    1,895 South African rand
  • Body to Body Massage

    1,595 South African rand
  • A gentle Massage to relieve body stress and sexual tension

    1,495 South African rand
  • Discovery. For the curious woman still on a journey of exploration.

    1,395 South African rand
  • A body massage with a twist

    1,850 South African rand
  • Break your ice

    950 South African rand
  • A one on one online session with your coach

    950 South African rand


Tantric sex is focused on very slow intercourse with emphasis on synchronized breathing, touching, eye contact, and intimacy with your partner.

Unlike regular sex, orgasm is not the goal, but rather prolonging it and feeling deeply what your body has to offer.



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